Thursday, February 19, 2009


Today I attended the Winter Conference of CCEO - Chamber of Commerce Executives of Ohio (I also serve on their Board of Directors). I always take back good, useful information to my office from these conferences. Today was no exception (except for the 36 slide presentation on how to fill out the new Form 990 for non-profit organizations - wow). Anyway, here are a few interesting tidbits from today's presentations:

Customer Service

  • Do you have a good customer-centric staff, or do they need to go to 'smile school'?

  • You can't send ducks to eagle school - so why do you hire someone for a customer service position when they haven't the heart for customer service from the start?

The Hand-written Note

  • Most people don't get anything nice in the mail. If you take out the bills and junk mail, what's left? Make it a goal to send x number of notes per week. You can even lay the blank note cards on your desk to help you meet your weekly goal. See my previous post on this here.

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Anonymous said...

Everyone should go to Smile School!