Thursday, April 16, 2009

Some Good News In The Economy

No, this is not April Fools Day. There really is some good news regarding the U.S. economy. Jeff Thredgold, President of Thredgold Economic Associates has a great post entitled Happy Talk that lists 43 items of good news. Here are some of his points:
  • The number of people who have quit smoking (46 million) now exceeds the number who still smoke (45 million). Roughly 21% of adults smoke today, versus nearly half in the early 1950s
  • U.S. exports to China have risen roughly 24% per year since 2001, making China the fastest growing market for U.S. goods
  • Average U.S. life expectancy has reached 78 years (men 75, women 80), the highest ever.
  • Donations to charity set an all-time high in 2007, with more than $300 billion donated by individuals, foundations, and corporations.
  • During the early 1960s, the five-year survival rate from cancer for Americans was one in three. Today it is two in three. . .highest in the world

And my favorite:

  • Men's contribution to housework has doubled over the past 40 years, while their time spent on child care has tripled.

Maybe I'll post this statistic in every room at the Hottinger household. Eventually it has to sink in right?

Thanks Steve.

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