Saturday, May 2, 2009

Email - Dying A Slow Death

Not very long ago, maybe a few months back, the first thing I would do when I sat down at the computer was to check my email. How quickly things change. I remember either reading something or someone trying to convince me that with all the social media choices out there, email would soon be a thing of the past. I didn't believe them back then; but I am beginning to think they may be right.

Use me for an example. As I stated above, I used to check my email first thing. And I still do that at work, but at home, it is now one of the last things I check. I usually start with Twitter. I check out the most recent posts from the people I am following and look to see if I have any new followers. I have been adding a few recently and have no idea why in the world they would chose to follow me, but oh well. I then check out this blog and my personal blog to see if I have any comments. Next I move on to statcounter - the tool I use to get stats about my two blogs.

And if I have some time, I will then log onto LinkedIn and Facebook to check for updates and any requests that I need to handle. After all that, I then check out my email.

My routine on the computer has changed drastically. It makes me a believer in the whole "email will soon be a thing of the past" theory. But it also makes me wonder what the next new thing will be.

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