Monday, April 27, 2009

A Different Take on Twitter

In my previous post on Twitter, I announced that I had signed up and had a few followers. I now have 19. I try to send out a tweet daily, but some days nothing really comes to mind. My blog postings now appear on Twitter, so I feel that I have made some success. But can I actually say that tweeting has provided me with any business leads or contacts? No. I haven't given up yet though.

I just read the Viewpoint in the April 24 edition of Business First written by Douglas Fruehling. He obviously isn't into Twitter, given the fact that his first sentence is: "Twitter sucks." He believes that it is just a temporary fad that will be soon forgotten. Oh great. Just when I get comfortable with something, it goes away, just like my favorite color of lipstick.

I hope that Mr. Fruehling is wrong. But I must agree with his comments about signing up and waiting:

"I tried Twitter. I signed up...Then I waited. I waited for something to enrich my life, my brain, my soul. I waited. And waited."

And like him, I am still waiting.

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