Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Women Should Learn to Play Golf

Why is it that most business deals that get closed on the golf course are done by men? Maybe because only 6.2 percent of women play golf, compared to 19.4 percent of men. I have had my clubs in the trunk since April and still haven't played a round yet this year. But I am determined to change that this week.

Read about how to network over golf here.

Don't worry, these tips can be used by men also.

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Jeff Gill said...

Cheri, i just got Susan Fryer set up at the CVB with a Twitter page -- http://twitter.com/LickingCountyOH -- does the Chamber have one? I'm trying to help jump start her connections other than with other CVBs. We've also got a FB group "Visit the Land of Legend" -- let me know at knapsack@windstream.net or twitter.com/knapsack