Thursday, July 9, 2009

Internet Radio

I have written about Pandora before and I still listen to it a few times a week, when I have grown tired of listening to my iTouch. Tonight my husband gave me a copy of the Business Digest, compliments of Park National Bank. There was a section in there called THE WEB and it was all about winners in music/audio on the web.

I checked each one of them out (Pandora was one of them listed) and I think I may now have a new favorite Internet radio -

What I liked about this site is that in addition to all the music selections you can play, it has streaming photos of the band/group/person while their songs are being played and it also gives you some information on them - when they began, the type of music, etc. It basically gives you a brief history lesson on them. It also has a listing of upcoming events where they are performing next. Other information include Top Tracks, Listeners, Similar Artists and music videos.

I now have a new favorite. Pandora has now been replaced.

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