Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Time Is Now

At today's monthly cabinet meeting for the United Way of Licking County, we spent a good amount of time discussing what the goal of campaign ought to be. We reviewed past history, talked about the current situations in several key companies and settled on a figure that we were all comfortable with. It will be a tough year and I am hopeful that we will meet goal.

But the point was made that no matter what the target figure is, it won't be enough to match the needs in the community. In addition to the increase in consumers utilizing the services of the organizations that United Way supports, these same agencies have been hit with budget cuts from the state and the county.

If you are a current donor to United Way, please consider adding a minimum of $1 per week to your contribution. You may think that one buck a week won't make a difference in the big picture, but you are wrong. If every household in Licking County contributed $1 per week to United Way, we would have approximately 3 million dollars to help those in need in our community.

I believe strongly in giving back to the community. There's a great article at QAspire Blog entitled GIVING is GROWING. It is not all about giving financially, but it makes a good point about our happiness being tied to giving.

If you haven't made a donation to United Way in the past, the time is now. Your community needs your help.


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Tanmay Vora said...

Hi Cheri, Thanks for the reference! I am glad that you liked the article on how Giving is directly associated with overall happiness and internal well-being!