Thursday, November 19, 2009

Your Opinions on Health Care Reform

In the November member survey, we asked about the recent Health Care Reform Bill, recently passed by Congress and now in the hands of the U.S. Senate. Here are the results:

1. Do you support the recent Health Care Bill that was recently passed by Congress?

Yes 16%
No 70%
Not sure 14%

2. How would you rank the current health care system in our country?

Poor 17%
Fair 43%
Good 36%
Great 4%

3. How comfortable are you with a government-run health care system?

Very uncomfortable 63%
Somewhat uncomfortable 17%
Somewhat comfortable 14%
Very comfortable 6%


* Unless profit can not be the driver for life and death decisions an alternative must prevail.
* Senior Citizens and under insured or no insurance should have some protection so they don't have to choose between eating and meds
* Health care reform will increase competition among insurance carriers and drive the cost of providing health care down. * Lower health care costs are good fro business.
* The gov't can not run SS Security, the military, nor the overseeing of the H1N1. Why should we be optimistic that they could handle health care?
* Reform is needed but tort reform would solve much of the problems. Health savings accounts should take up most of the current health insurance so people take responsibility for their health care costs.
* Small business will be affected very badly and could have many small companies closing their doors. And I really dislike the government taking such great control of our companies. And also our health care, look at the mess they have made of * It has the potential to put a lot of small businesses out of business!
* Any system that gets me out of the business of administering health care benefits to employees would be welcome. We spend an immense amount of time and money to administer a substandard plan to our employees, the whole process is a joke. The insurance companies are difficult to work with and it takes time away from running our business. I haven't heard one compelling reason why it is my obligation as an employer to undertake the expense and time to administer a health care program for my employees. Just because this is how our country has done it in the past does not mean it is right or makes business sense. As a country, our businesses compete against businesses in other countries that don't have these expenses. I think it is disappointing that the national COC hasn't looked at this closer and assumed business owners are satisfied with our current health care system.
* I do have concerns but feel that something needs to be done. We have a lot of people that have worked very hard that are not currently covered by health care. The cost is outrageous. I would also like to state that I do not feel The Chamber should be taking political stands. Especially when they seem to be one sided "republican".
* It's too early to have opinions. We won't know what is in it until the Conference Committee finishes with it. We do need to cover the uninsured.
* I will vote against any senator or congressman who supports the bill.
contain costs first.
*The US spends close to twice what other developed countries spend for health care for obvious poor average results.
Leave it to the private sector. The less government intrusion we have, the better we'll all be.
* This will bankrupt the country and/or break the back of we the taxpayers.
the Government of the R S A is definitely out of control, and very Crooked,,,We need to OUST OBAMA and his gang of thieves...
* Let's compromise, do it right, do it in stages and don't overload business or the tax payer in this delicate economy.
* Extreme misperception on what a government run health plan means.
* I fear that "government" running businesses is not the right separation of duties and responsibilities
* We need to pass some legislation and continue to improve on the system for the next several years. We are not going to come up with the perfect solution, but we should get started.
* Not at all in favor of a government run health care system. The intent of our US government is not to get involved in private enterprise and day-to-day lives of the citizens. I am not at all comfortable with the direction that our government is currently taking. There is no free lunch - nor should there be.
* I will vote against anyone that haphazardly votes to pass bills before thoroughly reading it or is the will of their constituents. It is time to clean house in the House & Senate.
* As a small business owner who works in the health care industry the current system is in shambles. From a business perspective the government is a more timely payer and I don't have to hire staff to get paid what is due like I do with insurance companies. While this bill is far from perfect it is moving in the right direction.
* Health care needs reforms in the areas of further tort reform, allowing insurance companies to compete across state lines. These things need to happen first. While it would be nice if everyone could be covered, this plan is way too expensive and further jeopardizes our economy. The tort reform must happen first along with allowing the private sector to market itself outside of its current boundaries. The government messes too many things up (postal service, social security) to allow them to get their hands on our health care. I believe that those in congress who passed this bill are foolish if they think that the cost of this bill is ONLY $1.2 trillion over 10 years. I believe it will cost much, much more than that.
* The government is not efficient at running anything so what makes us think they can run health care?
* Passing a Government run Health care Bill will BANKRUPT this nation.
* We have to fix our health care system now. I hate that I have employees that cannot afford to be on our health insurance plan even though we contribute $250 per month per employee.
* WE are all screwed! It isn't our health care system that is broke it is its administration that is broken. Too many for profit entities have their hand out for the health care dollar along with "it is someone else's fault" litigious society teamed with our irresponsibility for our own health are the culprits in driving expense and insurance rates up. It is a wrong approach definitely from the wrong people. This is the worst group of legislators this country has had as far back as I can remember in my 60+ years.
* It's scary! We're in desperate need of our leaders to stop trying to "win" this argument and rather, focus on the good of the MOST people. It isn't the federal government's job to micro-manage industries and citizens; rather it should lead from a level that ALLOWS states to govern and figure out what's best for it's citizens based on factors that can only be appreciated at a state level.
* I just think there has to be a better solution than to let our government control our health care system.
Penalties to businesses that currently offer insurance to employees because we don't cover enough of the insurance premium is unacceptable. Penalizing a staff member for not taking the insurance is unacceptable. If they could afford basic single coverage then they would not take a pay-in-lieu of benefits wage add on. The additional expenses to business and individuals could cause additional financial difficulties in a time when we have enough problems keeping our heads above water.
* Everyone agrees the system needs to be fixed, but the House plan misses that mark and I believe it will hurt businesses and continue to hurt job growth.
* open competition with existing insurance providers, tort reform, reduce fraud
* It will bankrupt our children and grandchildren
* The program is expensive and does not address the real issues at hand. Government should not be involved, this should be a private issue.
* I believe in a free market system. Competition brings down cost all the way around. Government run health care is not the answer!!
* I don't think people are dissatisfied with health care but rather the ridiculous cost of having crapping insurance or simply not being able to get health care at all. The entire health care industry is one giant band aide. I think the government should be spending time and resources on teaching better life styles in regards to diet and exercise. Merry Christmas!
* We need change to much of health care. Lets get something passed and fix it as we go!

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My mother died at 50. Breast cancer. She went in at age 47 complaining. It was too late for her. She died at 50 leaving behind seven children. The youngest, 12 who by the way didn't cry. When I suggested it was okay to cry, he said... I must be strong for dad. That was in 1996. She hasn't seen my children, at least not from here. The new RULES ... ON manograms and paps..out right NOW... IS A JOKE AND we are on to you Obama Admin.