Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Action Alert!

Dear Chamber Members:

You only have one more opportunity to make your opinion known regarding the proposed Health Care Reform bill. Now that the Senate passed its bill on December 24th, the Senate and House must combine the two bills through a conference committee. The report issued by that committee is the last opportunity to stop the legislation. Both chambers must approve the report for it to go to the President for his signature.

Because it is being rushed through so quickly, it is impossible to fully understand the consequences of this legislation. Both the House and Senate bills = HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN NEW TAXES ON EMPLOYERS AND EMPLOYEES!! We must work to defeat the conference committee report and instead encourage congress to start over and pass meaningful reforms.

I strongly urge you to contact your members of Congress and share your thoughts. Even if you have previously contacted your legislators about this issue, they need to hear from you AGAIN, urging them to vote NO on the current bill.

Thanks again for your help with this important issue.

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