Thursday, January 21, 2010

5 Million Tweets Per Day

Today was the monthly meeting of Licking County Human Resource Management Association where the program was on social media. Mark Labutis did a great job outlining the use of social media from an employee and employer perspective. I found the stats he shared very interesting. Check this out:
On any given day: 200 billion emails are sent out 3 million images are shared on Flickr.
Every day 700,000 new accounts are established on Facebook.
45 million updates are given on Facebook.
5 million tweets are sent on Twitter.

Some great things to remember: you can explore new career opportunities, be the voice of your organization, maintain professional relationships, post job openings, find qualified job candidates plus many other very positive points for social networking.

On the negative side: remember who your friends are (don't hate your job online when your boss is your facebook friend), if you wouldn't say it to your Grandma - don't say it online.

Social Networking can be a very positive thing for a business or a job seeker - just remember to be careful what you post.

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