Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hottinger's Response to State of the State Address


Columbus – State Representative Jay Hottinger (R-Newark) issued the following statement in response to Governor Strickland’s State of the State Address today.

“The Governor had a very difficult task today – to talk about the state of our state when Ohio’s unemployment rate of 10.9% is near a 30 year high. Just three years ago it was 5.2%. Clearly the state of our economy is difficult. The Governor was feisty and optimistic and sounded like our lead cheerleader, but the question is – ‘Is that enough?’ He had the proper focus with the vast majority of his speech geared towards the economy and jobs as he outlined a number of jobs related initiatives. Unfortunately, Ohio does not have money in the bank to finance any expensive programs. I appreciate his focus on job creation, but I am sure that hundreds of thousands of Ohioans who are without a job today are asking, ‘Is this too little too late?’”

“Diversifying our economy into new economy jobs is the right approach, and I appreciate the Governor mentioning the bi-partisan jobs bill that I sponsored last General Assembly, but I was most disappointed in what he did not say. He did not address the significant budget deficit facing Ohio and how we can begin tackling that difficult issue with solutions today. The pending financial and budgetary pressure needs to start being addressed and worked on now. The governor’s failure to outline how Ohio’s state government can change and improve to meet those challenges is very worrisome.“

“I look forward to working with Governor Strickland to improve the business climate in Ohio and to improve the job market. His failure to outline any solution to the budget crisis leads me to believe that too many still lack the courage to address the much needed reforms that can help avert a multi-billion dollar budget shortfall.”


Bruce said...

Jay might enhance his image by mentioning solutions along with criticisms. Citizens are truly tired of reading simple-minded political attacks. If Jay has solutions, let him begin promoting them. Hitting on the governor - hammering on what is wrong - is not a solution.

Jay said...

Bruce - I just spent 20 minutes with you in the last couple of weeks describing to you in great detail at least a dozen different proposals that are solutions to our state's problems. If you have forgotten or would like to discuss again, please give me a call.

Bruce said...

Jay, my criticism was meant constructively. You clarified your position to me in response to statements I had published. Is this forever supposed to stand as your reason and your right to continually hit on anything concerning Democrats? The link to those exchanges is http://observationsfromnewarkohio.blogspot.com/2010/01/unlike-ohio-senators-clowns-are.html and if you, Jay, are willing to rely on that as your political apologia to Licking Countians forever, you are skating on thin ice.

When you say things like “The Governor ... sounded like our lead cheerleader, but the question is – ‘Is that enough?’” you really should offer alternatives in the same essay, and do so every time you write that sort of stuff. Again - promote your solutions and avoid simple-minded political attacks. Voters are more tired of partisan politics than you seem to realize; also growing more critical of incumbents.