Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Outstanding Customer Service

Kudos to Jeremiah's Automotive Service in Heath for ending my day on a positive note.

The day started with a radio interview at WCLT regarding the 54th Annual Groundhog Breakfast. When I was finished, I hopped in my SUV only to find it wouldn't start. To be fair, I have been experiencing this problem since mid December. It runs great, but then for no apparent reason, decides not to start. If you try to start it up 20 or 30 minutes later, it starts right up. Odd. So I have been dragging my feet to get it fixed.

About an hour later I went back to start it and it started up just fine. Went back to work and about two hours later I need to head out and it wouldn't start again. Frustrated, I borrowed a car and headed to my meeting and then home to get the stang out of the garage (I usually put it away for the winter). I get in the drivers seat and turn the key only to find it is completely dead. At this point I am really frustrated.

Later in the day I take the SUV to Jeremiah's. I then tell my husband that we have to go home to jump start the mustang so I can have a car to drive. We jump it with no success. It is completely dead. By this time it is 5:15. I make a call to Jeremiah to ask him what the problem is and he said that I probably need a new battery and that he could send someone over to my house right now to fix me up. I couldn't believe it. Talk about outstanding customer service - wow!

Thanks to Jeremiah and especially to Dakota because he took the time and showed me how to replace the battery so I will know how to do it in the future. (and he even had to make two trips to my house because I told him the wrong year of my car and the batteries were not the same)

We are fortunate to have businesses like Jeremiah's as members of the Chamber.

- Posted by Cheri

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