Friday, April 23, 2010

Facebook Stats and Blogging


If you or your company have a page on Facebook, you should be receiving a weekly update with some stats from the week. Here is the most recent one I received:

Hi Cheri,

Here is this week's summary for the Facebook Page: Licking County Chamber of Commerce

+2 Fans this week (119 total Fans)
3 Wall Posts, Comments, and Likes this week (10 last week)
407 visits to your page this week(382 visits last week)

Not a bad week.


I started this blog almost two years ago and still haven't perfected what I would like it to be. I also started a personal blog around the same time. Crazy, I know.

There are so many blogs out there where you can find some great advice if you are thinking about starting a blog or if you are trying to improve a current one. CulturalOffering links to this post at Execupundit which has some guidelines for bloggers. I am a frequent violator of most of these, I'm afraid.

-Posted by Cheri

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