Thursday, April 22, 2010

"Administrative Professional Day"

I can remember years ago when "Secretaries Day" meant that my bosses would take me out to lunch. I had many of them, actually too many. I was hired to be a secretary to the VP of Operations, but a year later was the secretary not only to him, but also to the Plant Manager, Assembly Plant Manager and Engineering Manager. I also did inventory for the Shipping Department on the weekends and when the Payroll Department needed help, I was the one they called.

Today, I don't have a "secretary". I answer my own phone, type my own letters and schedule my own meetings. Sometimes I will get asked why I do these things when I have staff that could do them. My answer is because I want to.
And because they all have a lot of work to do. Plus it makes me work harder. I like that.

But even though I do many things myself, they are always there to help me when I need it, just as I am there to help them. That is how we operate. Each of us performs multiple tasks each day, yet we collectively work together to get the job done.

I am taking the Chamber ladies to lunch today as a small token of my sincere appreciation of their hard work and dedication to the Chamber and to me. I consider myself a very fortunate person not only because I love my job, but because I love working with Vicky, Jennifer and Mandy every day. What a great feeling it is to get up each morning happy to go to work.

Take time today to thank those around you who have made your days a little easier at your job. They don't have to be "secretaries or administrative assistants". Look around you. Surely there is someone who deserves to be recognized today.

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