Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Membership Directory now ONLINE!

We are excited to debut your 2010 Licking County Chamber of Commerce Membership e-Directory! The e-Directory may be accessed by clicking here.

This e-Directory (flip-book) is rather user-friendly. A couple of toolbars that may help you locate members include:

- A-Z (takes you directly to the alphabetical listing of members)
- Categories (takes you directly to the "buyer's guide" listing of Chamber members by category)
- Search (this is the best feature! You may search by company or person's name, just be sure to use all lower case as it states)
- Mfg's (takes you directly to the Manufacturers Guide)
- Thumbnails (a snapshot of the pages of the directory)
- Zoom (this feature will definitely be of assistance when reading detail; you may zoom and user the "hand" to move around the page)
- Arrows (the arrows will take you a page back or forward, if you click on the bottom corners of the page, this will also move forward and back)

The e-Directory will have a link directly from the Member Page of our website, This will enable users to find information 7 days a week, 24-hours a day. Users may also email or print the directory. This will enable a larger amount of potential clients, relocators, developers, and individuals with access to information about Licking County Chamber Members!

Thanks to our advertisers who made this e-Directory possible. I hope you will bookmark the Directory and make it a priority to do business with Licking County Chamber Members.

Posted by: Jennifer McDonald, Communications & Marketing Director

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