Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Doing What You Love AND Getting Paid For It

I happen to be intrigued by space. I would not hesitate for a moment if I had an opportunity to go into space and see plant earth from that perspective. One of my bucket list items is to see a shuttle launch. While on vacation in Florida earlier this summer, I heard the sonic boom from the shuttle entering the earth's atmosphere. And we were at least three hours away from the landing site. That little experience was one of the most exciting things I will remember from that trip.
In a recent blog on from someone known as Knapsack, I learned that NASA has the "Astronomy Picture of the Day" on their website. But on this particular day, the picture was a video showing planet earth from a different viewpoint - not from space. Check it out

What I found most interesting about the video is the person in it - Matt Harding - and his story. As I read his blog and watched his video I couldn't help but to smile and think "this guy and his terrible dancing is having the time of his life AND getting paid for it". Life is full of opportunities - even for those who are uncoordinated dancers.
Thanks Knapsack.


Jeff Gill said...

Good blog -- hey, i'm not hiding behind "Knapsack," it just makes a good screen name, but i'm still Jeff Gill (for better or for worse).

On Matt's FAQ page, i loved the last two answers --

Are you sure you don't want to tell me how much this all cost?

Pretty sure.

This is all a big hoax, isn't it? You did it with a green screen. You never left your house. It's true, isn't it?


I knew it! I'm telling everyone! You're nailed, buddy!

Licking County Chamber of Commerce said...

Hey Jeff - good to hear from you. You have a great blog too. Did you watch some of his video where he told his story? I found it very interesting. People have so much creativity and talent inside them, but many times they just can't see it.